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How Do I Compare To Me?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Comparisons are useful, when choosing your ideal kitchen appliance or new car. Comparisons are also useful when looking for personal services, such as a trainer or hair stylist. We all have unique goals. Finding the exact individual to meet us where we are and guide us to our outcome is key. We are comparing their skills with our desired outcome.

When we compare ourselves to another person, we are not comparing skills. We are comparing their beauty to ours, their success to ours, their ideas to ours. Personal comparison can lead to a belief that one person is better than the other. The only person to compare yourself to, is you.

Comparison of ourselves to someone else often comes from our own limiting belief of not being good enough. Conscious Language helps us find and name our limiting belief. Once named, the pattern can be transformed. If you have patterns you would like to transform, check out the events page and sign up for a workshop!

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