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Don’t Give Up, Give In!

I Surrender! Yes, I said it. For me, these two words are a sign of strength. In fact, they empower me to make a conscious choice.

One example of Giving In took place on December 16th, when my husband asked me to take a package to the post office. After standing in line for 45 minutes, I finally reached the counter with my prepaid box. I placed the box on the scale. The clerk scanned the barcode and told me the box weight did not match the label.

At that moment, I had many options for a response. I chose to take my box, walk back to my car and calmly call my husband. In the past, I may have let any number of reactions come forward, but not today. I chose to Give In and act with love, rather than react.

Maybe there was a lesson for me to learn. Maybe this was a test to challenge my conscious choice. Maybe it was just so I had an example to share with you.

The definition of surrender I’m referring to from Merriam-Webster is: to give oneself over to something such as an influence. Surrendering, in no way, implies giving up. For me, it implies Divine partnership, faith and courage. It takes courage to surrender and act with kindness when in a stressed situation.

How we respond to every situation is a conscious choice. Check out the Events page and join me for an Intro Workshop to learn how these tools can help you create harmony in your relationships!

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