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I Love Sabotage.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Sabotage is my friend. Sabotage is here to test My commitment to My plan for My new desired life.

I awakened to a point in my life where I wondered, how did I get here? Funny thing is, I seemed to have arrived here more than once. And in fact, sometimes it was more than three times or five times or even ten. Hmmm.

Sometimes, here was putting on weight, living with too much clutter, working at a job I didn't enjoy or seeing my relationships lose their sparkle.

When I looked at my current reality with honesty, the truth brought forth courage to make a change. After all, I already knew what was going on, so I made a plan. A plan to transform my current situation into one I desired.

I start off with great ease and success. Then one day, WHAM. Sabotage sneaks in as a piece of cake or some clothes that didn't get put away or the words I wanted to say, but chickened out.

Look at sabotage as your friend. It's just a test to determine your level of commitment. If you choose to learn how sabotage can become your friend, Conscious Language is for you!

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