• Christy

It’s Only Money!

I did not hear this phrase growing up. My husband said these words to me. I had made a poor decision in the exchange of money and this was all he said. “It’s only money.” What? My reaction was quite the opposite.

In the past, the process of earning and saving money was the goal. The decision I had made, did not reach the goal. I should be punished or scolded, so that I could feel bad. When I made mistakes in the past, I learned to feel better by avoiding interaction. What I did not realize was that by avoiding people and situations, I also did not allow myself to experience what I truly feel.

Conscious awareness can expand when we can create a less than ideal situation, love it, feel it and move forward. The Beatitudes, Matthew 5:7 states: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Sometimes, we must be both merciful and shown mercy to ourself.

Conscious Language brings awareness to reactionary patterns. These patterns keep us from expanding our awareness into our best selves. If you would like to bring awareness to any patterns you may have, check out the events page and sign up for a workshop!

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