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What Do Your Mistakes Say About You?

We all make mistakes. For some of us, just admitting that, is a giant step forward. It is not the action of making a mistake that brings a sense of failure. It is the judgment. It could be the judgment of right vs. wrong, or that we are not good enough. Fear of being wrong or fear of not being good enough prevents expansion into our greater, capable selves.

For example, for those of us who are not cooks, the first time we make a large family meal, there could be some mistakes. Maybe the meat is too dry or not cooked enough. The potatoes are too lumpy or too runny.

If you can enjoy your mistakes ‘with’ your family from your first attempt, you will probably ask questions, make a new plan and expand your skills for the next event. If you feel judged for your “less than perfect” meal, you may never host another event again.

Is it time to face your fear of ‘not feeling’ good enough? It’s ok to make mistakes, that’s how we grow and learn. Conscious Language can help find your fear pattern and transform it into your success pattern. Check out the events page and sign up for a workshop to learn more.

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